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Shirt Measurements


Taking measurements from a well-fitting shirt is a very straightforward method of submitting measurements to us, as we will follow them exactly without having to make any adjustments as we would with body measurements.

You can measure the shirt up by yourself. Please ensure you read the measurement instructions thoroughly and follow them as closely as you can. Ensure you double check your measurements before submitting an order.

The table below explains what we do with the shirt measurements you provide us:






Body Measurements


It is advised to get a friend to assist you with taking measurements. It important you follow the instructions very carefully and double check your measurements before submitting your order.

Based on your selection of Slim Fit, Standard Fit or Loose Fit, we will make allowances your measurements using sophisticated sizing technology to ensure a perfect fit.
Room will be added to the Chest, Waist and Hips measurement to allow room to move in the body of the shirt. Room will also be added to armhole, bicep and wrist to allow movement. All other measurements will be followed exactly.






Standard Sizing


If you are really in a hurry, and most off the rack shirts fit you fine, you can opt for a standard size. If you can spare 10 minutes, we do encourage customers to measure up, however if you really aren’t fussy, standard sizes are available.

The sleeve size is taken from the middle of the back down to the edge of the cuff. Note that the Standard Sleeve Size is different to a Made-To-Measure Sleeve Size.

Below is a table to show you how the rest of the measurements will look: