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  • Pants Style
    Straight Cut Straight Cut
  • Crotch Style
    Standard Standard
    Low Riding Crotch Low Riding Crotch
  • Waist Style
    Belt Loops Belt Loops
    Buckle Side AdjustersBuckle Side Adjusters
  • Back Pockets
    No PocketsNo Pockets
    Two PocketsTwo Pockets
  • Pants Cuff
    No CuffNo Cuff

Sizing Options

Measure Your Body

Use our simple step-by-step guide to measure your body.


About You

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Pants Waist

This measurement is different to the waist measurement you take for a shirt or jacket (around the stomach). The Pants Waist measurment is taken around your waist at the point where you normally wear your pants. Some people wear their pants high and others low. So first determine where on your waist your normally wear your pants, and then measure around the waist at that point.


Measure around the hip and buttocks at the widest point.


For this measurement, the tape measure needs to go through the legs. Start at the middle front of your pants waistline and run the tape measure under your legs round to the top of your buttocks. Finish the measurement at the center of your pants waistline.

Pants Length

Measure the fell length of your pants down the side, starting from the very top. Measure down to the top of your foot, and where you would like your pants to end. Pants will be made to this exact measurement.


Measure around the thigh


Wrap the tape measure around the knee. Keep the leg relatively straight for this measurement.


Measure around the calf at the widest point. This is usually about 3/4 up the lower leg.

Pants Bottom

This measurement varies a lot on the style of pants you want. Measure across the bottom hem of one of the legs of the pants. This will determine how tight your pants will be around your ankle. Note this measurement cannot always be followed exactly, as it depends heavily on your calf measurement. As we do not use stretchy fabrics, and must follow the contours of the pants pattern, we may have to make slight adjustments.


About You

Give us some general information about yourself.