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custom-walletThe Custom Made Tie

It’s not only shirts that can be custom tailored. Using our premium shirt cottons, we’ll custom tailor a matching necktie.

Finding the right tie can be difficult as tie width has evolved a lot over the last few years. The fat tie of the 90’s is still popular in many corporate environments as it is conservative and safe. The super skinny tie fad has passed and now something in between has become popular of late. We narrowed this down to three main width styles:

– Skinny (2 inches wide at the bottom)

– Slim (2.5 inches wide at the bottom)

– Classic (3 inches wide at the bottom)

Different fabrics such as cotton and wool are also replacing the traditional silk tie we have seen for years. With so much range and choice, a custom made tie lets you get the fabric you want, in the width you want.

Not all of our shirt fabrics make for a good looking tie, so we’ve hand picked a few that we like. We’ll be adding more soon. If there is a particular fabric you’d like to see offered in tie form, let us know and we’ll make it happen.