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The Custom Made Tie

The Custom Made Tie It’s not only shirts that can be custom tailored. Using our premium shirt cottons, we’ll custom tailor a matching necktie. Finding the right tie can be difficult as tie width has evolved a lot over the last few years. The fat tie of the 90’s is still popular in many corporate environments as it is conservative and safe. The super skinny tie fad has passed and now something in between has…

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Custom Is The New Black

Custom Is The New Black In a world of mass retail, it’s unreasonable to expect that if you buy a shirt from H&M or Zara you won’t see at least two other guys out that night wearing the same thing. So in this world of mass scale production and mass retail, how do guys differentiate their fashion affordably? The trending response is custom made. While custom made moves online, connecting customers from developed worlds to…

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How A Shirt Should Fit In The World

If you enter the online forum world you will find there is a never ending debate as to how a business shirt should fit you. Putting personal taste aside, the fact is, the way a business shirt should fit is a moving target depending on fashion trends, age group and most importantly, what corner of the globe you are in. Corporate shirting trends tend to be less volatile compared to casual shirts due to the…

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